Hey! You’ve found my little nook on the internet. Welcome.

I have enjoyed reading your words, stories and perspectives, and I have been mostly listening until now. I am excited to share that my voice is slowly starting to grow stronger and I’m beginning to blossom. I think the time is ripe for me to start sharing my writing. I’d also like to share the writing of you who inspire me. The internet is a co-creative space, and I invite you to join me.

I am an innately curious person who asks a lot of questions. Continually asking ‘why?’ is my way of remaining a kid at heart.

The little symbol next to my name is - your heart - reflected in mine. I fundamentally believe we belong to one another. I am here for you. Because you are here, I need you.

I believe in a world where we need each other. Where we find ways of dancing the dance of life together, in beautiful and peaceful ways. Will you dance with me?

I’m wishing for a lot of joy on your path.